ODISEA: an electro symphonic journey

by PJ Rose

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PJ Rose es
Carmen Borla en voces
Eduardo Chiesa en batería
Joaquina Gentil en voces
Santiago Rayes en bajo
Leandro Rodiño en guitarra
Facundo Rodríguez Sabia en flauta traversa


released June 1, 2017

Grabado en estudios Santito y Le Mobilier durante el 2016
Grabación y mezcla: Manuel Arenillas
Asesor de mezcla: Salvador Reynoso
Asistente de batería: Gudy Prada
Mastering: Diego Guerrero
Arte gráfico: Nicolás Lima
Fotos: Juan Canella

Arreglos orquestales en Drown, Valquiria y Bittersweet por Nicolás Costanzo

Agradecimientos: a nuestras familias, Manuel Arenillas, Nicolás Lima, Agustín Decara, Nicolás Costanzo, Gonzalo Guerra, Nacho Maquieira, Salvador Reynoso, Brian Eilberg, Ramiro Lesbegueris Pinillos, Romina Minutola, Rodrigo Ruiz, María Sol Falcone, Matías de Ezcurra, Mariano Freyre, Juan Clavell.



all rights reserved


PJ Rose Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: A New Beginning
Your wide eyes
In the night, stranger
Let go your instinct
Exceed your thoughts
Go beyond the seas, the dust, the flesh...

Show yourself Arael!
This is your chance
Will you go to redeem,
Or will this be the last time you begin?
Track Name: Blue Flame
Let me out of this prison fate
I need to release heat and make my own path straight
You should know the light of your eyes lets me see the way back home, the way back home

A feeling starts that I can´t resist
A beat that´s like a struck moving me all the way
Somehow your hands get to reach my face
expecting more than we have ever dreamed

Have you ever wondered why our fire lasts,
even when the time seems to be cold?
What if it meant leaving this all behind,
are you willing to risk it all?
If you dare to take my soul off my skin,
you´ll find the blue flame that breathes within
Take me back to we were supposed to be
anyplace within you and me

Feel the beat feel the beat of your pipe lines
Draining blood to your head till it´s alright
Don’t drag your body or your flow, let the mind strikes
Through your bones till your hair until the beat stops
You´re feeling tired?
I don´t give a shit, pull those strings and get yourself wired
Thug the plugs, switch the lights, go beyond that
Cause we´re all feeling right till the night ends
Cut the rope, let it go, lose control, c´mon baby make it blow
Do it right
Track Name: Nocturne
No other bridge between their hearts, inside her ocean
Night over night, a different spirit, a different skin

Blue, tell me when
Should I regret? Ohh take my thunder!
Show me the way to the sky, to her arms
Track Name: Drown
No one knows you
but I see through you
I´ll be your mirror
in this perfect wood

Don´t you come back,
don´t you laugh
I got this pressure
feels too high

Beyond the oceans
drowned you a star
Can barely hide it
but you don´t mind
Behind the deepest scar
the water feeds the ground
Drive me loud

Your blonde sin cuts me
your lovely blue
When no one loves you
I´ll be your fool
It ain´t no nightmares
when something´s true
You tell me sweet lies
You´ll leave me soon
Track Name: Windrose
I’ve awakened with a storm inside!
I just wish you could be lying here in my arms
Where have you gone this time?
I can’t see clearly now with your blurred memory
I don’t feel okay with moving on because I feel you here
but something is broke and gone
Oh Windrose!
It’s aching
Where do I go from here now?

I’ve been waking up in hell for a month or two
I’ve been searching all the ways to get back in to you
I’ve hurting so bad, so bad I lost myself
Where have you been? I’m burning burning for you

I’ve got this mess inside of me
and everything seems blue
And still I’m missing lying here
here right next to you
I can’t seem to move on
My life is broke and gone
I wish things were good enough
You and me would still be on
It’s like another nightmare but I just don’t wake up
I’m begging you Windrose
you please don’t give me up
Clean this storm for me
I’m praying to you
Guide him back to me
I beg you, I beg you
Track Name: Valquiria
Track Name: Bittersweet
Can you feel it?
This bittersweet love you give me now
I’ve been living a sweet and sour process in my heart

Are you feeling the way the thought of you,
is pending in my mind?
I can’t control it
Your presence owns me
My passion pours as you approach me from behind

I’m still still wrapped up
I’m bleeding
Take me, throw me
Play me, hold me
I can’t give you up
You got me flying
of fever
Heat me, freeze me
Call me, shut me
Is not enough
Track Name: Arael
Track Name: Intrepid
Eagle eyes
Serpent smile
Always waiting for that time to attack
I keep still
Still but not stuck
Can’t you feel my mind is running wild?

Running obsessing on the moment
when you finally meet the real me
My heart beats fast
My silence will soon be like the thunder

Word after word I can sense your inner thoughts
I break free
Free from everything you represent

I keep still
Still but not stuck
I can read people like you from miles
My time will come
And I’ll show you what I’m made of
Track Name: Hamartia